How to Remove Uric Acid from Your Body and Reduce Joint Pain With This Juice

When it comes to joint pain, you often get suggestions like increase the intake of calcium in your diet. You can have regular exercise to get rid of joint pain or can use certain ointment to get instant relief from joint pain. But have you ever got a suggestion to eliminate uric acid from your body to treat joint pain?

Yes, it is true! Getting rid of the excess amount of uric acid from your body is a natural way to cure joint pain. There is no need to pop the painkillers or use any oil massages to reduce joint pain. A simple solution to joint pain is to remove the excess uric acid from the body.

Here is a recipe of effective juice which removes the uric acid from your body and cures joint pain naturally.

Natural Juice for Uric Acid and Joint Pain

Things you need:

1. Chopped pineapples- 1 cup

2. Whole grapefruit- 1

3. Cucumber- 1

4. Ginger- ½ inch

5. Water- 1 cup


1. Take a pineapple and remove its skin carefully.

2. Now, chop it into little pieces and keep it in a small bowl.

3. Take grapefruit and cut it into small pieces.

4. Wash a cucumber and peel it properly.

5. Cut the cucumber into small pieces and grate the ginger piece as well.

6. Add all these ingredients in the blender and blend it to get a thick paste.

7. Add 2-3 tbsp of this paste into 1 cup of water and enjoy your drink!

8. Consume this juice every day before a meal to remove the uric acid and get relief from joint pain.

Cucumber used in this recipe is a potent diuretic and helps to prevent kidney stones. It reduces the effect of uric acid on our body and prevents irritation, inflammation caused due to arthritis, asthmas, and gout. It also eliminates the uric acid from your joints and provides relief from joint pain. The ginger here helps to eliminate the accumulated toxins from the body and reduces inflammation. The grapefruit used here is a rich source of vitamin C which fights the inflammation and provides relief from joint pain. The rich content of bromelain present in pineapple relieve pain and due to its soothing effect, you will quick get relief from inflammation.

So, this is the incredible way to reduce the joint pain. Instead of rushing to the pharmacy store to get joint pain medicine try this juice remedy to get relief from joint pain naturally. Don’t forget to share this awesome recipe with your friends and family members on social media.