The Real Truth About Reversing Diabetes: 7 Steps To Getting Off Insulin And Medication

It is a shocking information that one out of 4 kids and every other American is suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The number of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes is increased three times since 1980. And the number of patients is continuously increasing.

Do you know that 3 medical dollars are spent only on the diabetes treatment and more than 1/3rd of American are obese? The health issue starts with mild insulin resistance and grows to overweight and obesity finally reaching the stage of diabetes. It is also a prime cause of other health issues like cancer, heart disease as well as premature death.

A lot of people are suffering, however, the disease is actually 100% reversible and preventable. Many people don’t believe the fact that diabetes can be reversible, but science ahs proved the fact that with lifestyle modification and proper nutrition we can change the situation.

It is quite interesting figures that on an average an American consume 152 pounds of sugar as well as 146 pounds of flour in a year. This is a prime reason behind diabetes. Thus, a right food intake is very necessary to get rid of diabetes.

Here is a list of 7 strategies which will help you to get rid of diabetes and reverse the medical condition.

Go for Unprocessed Foods

Food loses much nutrition during the cooking process, so in order to reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar level, improve liver detoxification, reduce oxidative stress and reverse diabetes it is necessary to eat whole food.

Go for fruits and vegetables which are rich in omega-3 fats. Coconut butter, legumes, olive oil, nuts, and seeds are highly recommended in the regular diet. The whole food will promote metabolism, prevent aging and prevent heart diseases along with diabetes.

Pull the Sugar

Reduction in sugar intake in the form of liquid sugar and refined carbohydrates is the best solution to treat diabetes. The sugar leads to the creation of a high level of insulin which is the prime cause of diabetes. It also leads to other medical conditions like high blood pressure, depression, an increase in the risk of cancer, poor sex drive, and inflammation.

Just eliminate the sugar from your diet for a while to get rid of all this dangerous medical conditions.