What Is the Right Position to Sleep for Each of These Health Problems?

Do you know how much you sleep in your life span? It is revealed that on an average life span if you are sleeping 7-9 hours per night then you are actually in a sleep mode for 25 years of your lifetime. Isn’t it huge! So, sleep is an important phenomenon in our life as we spend a lot of our time sleeping.

You will be surprised to know that you can improve your health in a significant way by sleeping in a right position. It is true! The way you sleep at night has an impact on your health and apparently, you can improve your health condition just by altering the sleeping position.

What Is the Right Position to Sleep For Each of These Health Problems

The question is how sleeping position can regulate our health? Actually, the sleep position has an impact on various aspects and processes in our body such as blood pressure, blood flow and sinus infection. Thus, you can cure some of the health conditions by choosing a right position to sleep.

Here are 9 sleeping positions which can be used to cure various body ailments.

1. Shoulder Pain

If you are suffering from shoulder pain then you should sleep on the pain-free side. Also, just bent your legs a bit and put a pillow to on your chest. You can also place a pillow between knees to get relief.

2. Back Pain

The sleep position has a great impact on back pain. You should sleep in the position which is the most comfortable for you. Just lie down on your back and place a pillow below your knees. You can also roll up and put a towel under the curve of your back.

3. Headaches

You won’t believe but sleeping certain position can provide relief from frequent headaches. A twisted neck while sleeping can also lead to headaches. Just surround your head with a pillow so that you can protect your neck from twisting at night.