Incredible – Rub Index Finger 60 Second And See What Happen to Your Body

Can you imagine that just by rubbing your fingers you can get rid of some of the health issues? Hard to believe isn’t it? But it is true and amazing. 60 seconds of rubbing process of your finger will provide you an extraordinary experience of well-being.

Know in detail how your fingers are linked with your health and how rubbing process can provide you a lot of benefits-

Thumb – Your thumb is linked to your lungs and heart. Rubbing your thumb can help you to clean your lungs and ger rid of shortness of breath immediately.

Forefinger – This finger is linked with the stomach and digestive system. It helps to treat constipation and other digestion related issues.

Index finger – This finger is directly linked with colon and stomach part of the body. Rubbing the index finger palm provides relief from diarrhea.

Middle finger – Are you suffering from poor sleep? Then rubbing the middle finger can help you to get rid of poor sleep. It provides relief from travelling diseases and issues related to the pericardium.

Sweet finger – This finger helps to provide proper blood flow in the body. It is very helpful to cure migraines, muscle pain in the neck region. You just have to rub the sweet finger to reduce a headache due to a migraine.

Palms – Clapping or an act of rubbing palms on each other helps to protect your physical health. The palms are connected to different nerves in our body and thus helps to keep us healthy.

The Back of your hands – It is amazing that you can cure a painful back by just rubbing the back of your hands on each other. As the side of your waist is connected with your back side of hands. This method is very effective to relieve the pain.

This little rubbing exercise can help you to stay healthy. These tricks are really amazing and good to get rid of body pain naturally and quickly. Try it today!