How salt lamps help with Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become a part of our life. The ever increasing workload, complex relationship status, and rat run for earning money have made humankind really miserable. Technological advancement has a role in chemical imbalances in our body.

We are surrounded by highly advance electronic devices which emit vast amount of ions. The cell phones, televisions, and laptops which we use are actually responsible for the trauma in our bodies due to the emission of ions and which further leads to anxiety.

When we go out near to nature like on a safari tour or trekking, then we feel refreshed because we receive required ions from nature. There is also one ingredient which can provide positive energy to us and reduce our anxiety level. The ingredient is well known as Himalayan salt which is full of positive ions and medicinal properties.

1. They counter positive ions

It actually emits boundless amounts of ions which are effective to counter the bombarding of ions from electronic devices around us. The emission of ions depends on the size of the lamp. So, take a large size of a lamp or gather a lot of small ones at one place in your house.

2. They make you healthier

It actually makes you healthier due to high minerals content in it. You will amaze to know that Himalayan salt lamp has 84 traces of minerals which are useful for us. It effectively regulates the body pH, makes your bones strong and balances the amount of water in your body.

3. They give you energy

One of the brilliant uses of this lamp is to increase the flow of oxygen to your brain. It combats the lethargy and provides more energy to your body. It improves your reflex and makes your more alert.

4. They clean the air around you

It protects us from the toxins present in the air. In a way, it clears the airborne toxicities and proves us clean air to breathe. It also efficiently kills the bacteria’s floating in the air around us.

5. They fight disease

You will be shocked to know that the radiation which is coming from the electronic devices is one of the causes of cancer. It neutralizes the radiation and thus helps to fight cancer. It also helps to lower the blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

6. They help you sleep

You should keep the Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom. It helps you to get sound sleep and make you feel energetic next day morning. It helps your body to get necessary rest and make you fall asleep easier.

So, get your Himalayan salt lamp today to keep your family safe from the ions coming out of the electronic devices and ensure your family health.