After Seeing How Gummy Candies Are Really Made, You’ll Never Eat Them Again (Disturbing & Graphic)

When we recall all childhood memories then a candy store is almost indivisible thing. We all use to go the candy store to get those colorful pieces of sweet. The one which will get melt in our mouth and we get can’t resist having 2-3 candies at a time.

Surely our kids are also attracted towards the gummy candy! We do buy these gummy candies not only for our kids but also for us as we still secretly love to enjoy the candy.

Unfortunately, all of us are not aware of the truth behind these gummy candies. Do you ever wonder how these gummy candies are produced? Moreover, what are the ingredients of these candies? The guess might include sugar and some ingredients to add the flavor and color to the candies.

But the list of ingredients does not stop here. Gummy candies and other jello products consist of gelatin in it. It is disgusting to know that the gelling agents used in gummy candies are made up from animal skin and bones.

The truth came out when a Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens visited the gummy candy manufacturing unit to make a documentary on the production process of gummy candy. The short film consists of horrifying truth about gummy candies.

We often get the information that candies are made with vegan gelatin substitutes and yes there are some candies of this type. But not the gummy candy. Some candies use agar which is a popular gelatin substitute, obtained from algae.

The documentary by Alina has shown the source of gelatin for the gummy candies. You will be shocked to know that gummy candies are just mixture of boiled chemicals, chopped animal remains and tons of sugar.

Kneepkens conveyed that due to an assignment to create reversed audiovisual stories of some food the idea of making a documentary on gummy candies. They got terrible information that the main suppliers of the gummy candies production unit is slaughter houses.

It was an eye-opening documentary which covers the information is that gelatin used in gummy candy is originated from pig’s skin. You will never ever going to think about having a gummy candy.

Don’t provide these candies to your kids and please pass on the information to all your loved ones to protect them from these horrible candies. You can search and look at the video of Alina Kneepkens which watch the truth of candy production companies.