Does Hot Weather Affect Your Sperm Count?

“Honey, I am going to pick up the reports today!” John shouted while leaving home. Sophie rushed to the door to say good bye. She waved to him and got back in the house. After 3 years of marriage Sophie and John decided to have children. Soon they consulted the doctor to have a healthy child.

On their first visit to the doctor, they got a suggestion to undergo some routine fertility tests. Just 2 days before, they received Sophie’s reports stating she is normal and ready to conceive. John was supposed to get his reports today; both of them were pretty excited about it.

In the evening Sophie got a call from John, he sounded a little low. He said, “Is it possible for you to come to the clinic?” Sophie was a little shocked and nervous, she asked “What happened?”

“Just come down, we need to talk” John replied.

By this time Sophie was totally scared. She took a cab and reached to the clinic. John looked pale and disappointed while Dr. Warner was all calm and energetic. As Sophie reached, Dr. Warner offered her a chair to seat.

“Calm down. It is nothing serious.” Dr. Warner said with John’s reports in his hand.

“See the thing is John has low sperm counts. But we do have a solution, so you don’t have to be worried.”

Sophie slowly wrapped her arms around John’s hand and continued to listen to Dr. Warner.

“There are many reasons behind low sperm counts. It can be seasonal effect as well.” Dr. Warner told to them.

John asked, “What, seasonal effect? What is it about?”

The hot weather affects your sperm count. Our body has a mechanism which helps us to adapt to the environment around us in order to keep the testes cool. The extreme temperature can damage the sperm production.

You will be interested to know that a study was published in February in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology which was based on the Seasonal variations of human sperm cells[1]. This research paper has indicated that birth rates are generally high in the fall, as conception rates were high in previous winter. 

John asked, “You mean to say my sperm count will be higher in winter?”

“Well of course!” Dr. Warner replied. “You are perfectly healthy to be a father; the variation of sperm count is just a seasonal thing in your case.” This sentence put a smile on John’s face.

It is important that all men looking forward to being a father should know that hot weather has an impact on the sperm count. Also, things like excessive sunbathing, tight-fitting clothes and hot baths can also lower the sperm count.

You can use tricks like having a dip in a pool, air conditioning your bedroom and can sometimes ice your ball to maintain good sperm count in summers.

John and Sophie came back home with all their hopes up. Maybe coming winter will help them to conceive. What about you? Do you have any such unusual information about how to maintain good sperm count? If yes, then share with us.

Stay positive and stay healthy!

[1] Levitas, E., Lunenfeld, E., Weisz, N., Friger, M., & Har-Vardi, I. (2013). Seasonal variations of human sperm cells among 6455 semen samples: a plausible explanation of a seasonal birth pattern. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology208(5), 406-e1. Available at