Stop Eating These 8 Foods That Cause Cancer – Oncologists Warn You!

The exact causes of cancer are still under study, it is a complex ailment which is triggered due to some peculiar reasons. The medical experts claims some of the below reasons which are responsible for cancerous growth in the body-

  • Bad diets, no workouts, tobacco addiction
  • Exposure to radiation and harmful chemicals
  • Genetic mutation or infections

Among these reasons the bad food habits like eating a lot of junk food and processed food is one of the common causes of cancer. As per World Cancer Research Fund, almost 20% of cancer cases in America are linked to unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle with no exercise, a lot of alcohol consumption and excessive weight gain.

  • One can lower the risk of cancer using following simple changes in life
  • Stop smoking and drinking excessive alcohol
  • Have a balanced diet which includes a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • Do regular exercise and maintain sound body weight.

Apart from this, you must be aware of the food which increases the risk of cancer.

Here is a list of the worst 8 foods that cause cancer:

1. Refined and sugary foods

Corn syrup which is one of the worst refined sugar along with fructose leads to various health issues. It raises the insulin level and helps the cancer cell to grow more rapidly. According to the study published in American Society for Clinical Nutrition journal in 2006, the people who eat a lot of refined and sugary food have more risk of having pancreas cancer. So, limit the use of refined sugar and start using stevia, honey, maple syrup or jaggery in your daily life.

2. Red processed meats

The red processed meat consists of harmful additives like bacon, sausage, ham and much more. It also has a high content of salt. A study published in the Nutrition and Cancer journal provided that red processed meat is closely linked with colorectal cancer. It raises the risk of prostate and colorectal cancer. So, replace the red meats in your meal with grass fed meats.

3. Smoked/pickled food

Regular intake of smoked food is not good for your health. The smoking process used for meat leaves a lot of toxins in the meat which is harmful to your health. In the case of pickled food, the nitrate level is high which changes to N-nitroso and triggers the cancer cells. The preservative used in these foods to increase their shelf life can damage your cells and help cancerous cells to grow in our body.

4. White flour

Nowadays numerous sustenance’s are made with this flour. In any case, refined flour has a lot of carbs and this is unfortunate. Considers asserted that ladies who ate heaps of carbs had more danger of tumor and such flour brought the sugar step up in the blood quick. Supplant this flour with quinoa, entire wheat, grain and almond flour.

5. Hydrogenated oils

These oils change to toxins when prepared. They are from veggies to make the time span of usability longer and they have omega 6 acids and trans fats as well. Indeed, even a touch of omega 6 can be beneficial for health, yet a lot of these acids harm the cells and their wellbeing. It raises the danger of skin cancer the most. Additionally, trans fats make more danger of colorectal, prostate and breast cancer. Supplant them with palm, coconut, and olive oil.

6. Microwave popcorn

There is a concoction perfluorooctanoic acid in these packs for popcorn. This is an awful poison. Many reviews said this is unsafe and furthermore individuals who had PFOA introduction had more shots if kidney and bladder cancer. Another review said that this substance leads to infertility among women. Tragically, this popcorn additionally have GMOs like propyl gallate.

7. Farmed salmon

Wild and cultivated salmon are distinctive a ton. Dissimilar to the cultivated one, the wild is sound and valuable. Likewise cultivated salmon makes more disease dangers. Science Magazine made a review where was said that an excess of salmon chemicals which increases the risk of cancer. Some such things are toxaphene, mercury, dioxins, fire retardants and even polychlorinated biphenyls. In any event, observe the names for the salmon and recall, cultivated one is less expensive!

8. Potato chips

Yes, we all enjoy the potato chips but these are made with high heat which develops carcinogen and acrylamide in it. International Journal of Cancer has recently claimed that these items in chips trigger the digestive, prostate, ovary and breast cancer. These chips also consist of a lot of calories, salt, and fats which lead to hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity. So try to make your own chips at home and enjoy having them at snacks.

These are some harmful food items which you should remove from your diet immediately. Share this article with your loved ones so that they too can have a safe and healthy diet.