Sugar-Free Diet Tips And Plans For Beginners

The young population of the world is always judged based on the level of addiction of cocaine and other drugs. We convey the young generation that the addiction to such drugs along with smoking and alcohol addiction is bad for us. It is so true! But now we have to also make all the adults aware of the addiction of sugar.

Recently a scary picture came up based on the studies of a brain scan of people that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. And we it comes to get rid of this sugar addiction it becomes difficult as sugar is present in almost everything that we consume in our daily life.

As per the report of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the average American has a consumption of sugar between 130-170 lbs of per year. This includes the high intake of fructose from corn syrup of around 50-80% which is the worst type of sugar.

It is medically proven that High fructose corn syrup gets rapidly absorbed into our bloodstream. This leads to the spike in the hormone insulin in the body.

Dr. Mark Hyman, clarify that High fructose corn syrup is a low-quality food and doesn’t have any nutritional value. It promotes a lot of disease prone compounds such as fats, mercury, salt, and chemicals.

And if you don’t know then sugar is the one ingredient which gets converted into fat in our body. This sugar was always there behind your expanding waistline.

High level of sugar intake is closely linked with diseases like heart troubles, cancer, and diabetes. Sugar increases the inflammation in the body which can be termed as the beginning of various diseases.

So, if you are also addicted to sugar then here are 3 simple steps to quit sugar quickly!

3 Steps To Help Eliminate Sugar

When you crave sugar, you are not actually looking to eat something sweet. Your body is actually craving for more energy. So, in order to maintain good energy level in the body make sure you keep your body hydrated, have a quality sleep and maintain low-stress level. This lifestyle factors will help you to kick off the sugar blues.

  1. Eliminate All Sugar From Your Diet For 7-10 Days

Yes, it is a bit harsh cold turkey approach but it works miraculously. You might feel it difficult for starting 2-3 days but then you will come to easy with sugar. The craving will come down and you will perfectly survive without sugar for 7-10 days.

  1. Eat Less Processed Food

You will be shocked to know that 70% of American diets consist of sugar which comes from processed food. So, say no to box, container, can and bags which have processed food in it. Try to consume a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans and organic animal products.

  1. Stop Snacking

Take a glance on our snacking food! All of them include a lot of sugar in it. So, just skip the snacks. You can have 3 square meals a day. Have lean protein, green vegetables, whole grains in your meal to reduce the sugar intake. Go for brown rice, broccoli, salad, organic chicken, fish, sprouts and peas in your meal.

So, these are simple steps you can take to quit sugar addiction. Be sure that sugar addiction is a big issue and unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of it. Share this article with all your loved ones to convey them the harmful things sugar diet is doing to their body and how they can get rid of sugar.