A Tasty Solution: Garlic And Its Effects on Hypertension

A yummy garlic soup is the best starting of your meal! Isn’t it? What if you know that this garlic can actually cure most of the healthy issues which are chronic in nature? It will be like a natural gift for you to remain healthy.

Many people avoid eating garlic due to its strong smell, but you will be surprised to know the health benefits of this small spices. The health benefits of garlic were recognised over 3,000 years now. Many civilization and cultures were regularly using garlic as life-saving drug in their daily life.

The intake of garlic can reduce the chronic health conditions, it prevents the viral infections due to antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps in instant recovery of the immune system due to antioxidant properties also it helps to lower the cholesterol level naturally.

The modern science has also supported the fact that intake of garlic is beneficial for heart and blood pressure. The component allicin present in garlic helps to maintain right blood pressure in the body. Allicin also helps to dilate the arteries and thus contribute to lowering the blood pressure.

A lot of people use cosmetic ACE inhibitors which have harmful side effects whereas garlic consists of natural ACE inhibitors which help to control the blood pressure.

You can start consuming a fresh clove of garlic which contains 1% of allicin in it. You can also add the fresh clove of garlic in your food dish which will taste awesome and it will be a healthy meal for you.

There are many supplements of garlic available in the market in the form of powders, capsules, pills and oil. These supplements provide the necessary allicin to the body and don’t leave a bad breath behind. However, it is always beneficial to consume the fresh garlic as it is a natural way to maintain good health.

One can also go for the allicin supplement but it is important to consult your doctor before you start intake of any supplement.

Although by just adding garlic to your regular diet can save you from all the trouble and help you to keep your heart healthy and get rid of hypertension issue.