The Best 8 Cures for Sciatica – Much Better Than Any Painkiller

Do you know which the biggest nerve in our body is? It is sciatic nerve, it passes by the buttocks and carries forward to the limb of our foot. It is the most important nerve which is responsible for the movement, sensation in the legs and strength of our body.

The pain in sciatica nerve is generally detected due to numbness of leg and weakness in the body. The cramps in legs and pain in the lower back area are also signs of sciatica. The sharp burning sensation on one side of the body confirms the severest of sciatica pain.

People who suffer from sciatica issues generally take a lot of painkillers to get some relief from pain and to have a sound sleep. Around 40% of people around us are suffering from this issue which can be easily cured using 8 simple ways.

1. Acupuncture

The acupuncture therapy is always referred as a miracle for sciatica. It uses pressure with the help of hair-thin needles put in several parts of your body. It boosts the energy in the nerves and thus works very well to cure sciatica. This therapy also provides relief from migraines helps to get rid of smoking habit and maintain good lymph flow in the body.

2. Chiropractic method

Chiropractic method works on the spine of our body to get rid of sciatica issue. It provides relief from pain, accelerates the healing process and reduces the inflammation in the body. It improves the mobility of the body and thus it will be easy to make daily movements of the legs.

3. Ice pack

This is a superb home remedy to relieve the pain. For this ice pack you should not use ice, here you can use frozen peas or veggies. Just wrap the frozen peas on the affected area and cover it with a towel. Allow it to remain for 20 minutes and repeat the process every 3 hours.