The Shocking Effects Of Negative Emotions And Thoughts On Your Body

The human action and reaction is always based on the accumulation of the emotions. With every experience, humans gather the emotions like joy, happiness, sadness as well as depression.

Are you aware that each of your emotions made your body release certain chemicals? It is well proven by research that when a human feel happy, his or her brain releases chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine or serotonin. In the counterpart when you are under stress the body automatically release cortisol based on the strength of negative emotion.

So, what we can do to control the secretion of these chemicals? The chemicals released while you are sad are really damaging your body. Would you like to prevent this damage? Let’s see how the emotions affect your body and how you can control it.

Thought Process Positive vs. Negative

We tag certain incidents as positive and negative based on the social reactions and past experiences. For example- While driving if you somebody cut off you very closely, you suddenly get a bad mood and feel negative. However instead of tagging this incident as the negative experience you could be happy to get saved from the cut-off. Or you can be neutral as if nothing has happened.

So, it is important that you learn that no incident is negative or positive. It all depends on how you take it!

It’s a Perceptions Game

Perceptions play an important role while you react on a certain situation. Your perception on an incident will decide how you will feel and what kind of emotion you will produce. It is better to keep your perception at the neutral mark and move on to the state of mental consciousness.

Here, you have to keep your past experience or ideology or belief system aside which normally shape your perceptions. Just look at the situation the way it is, don’t mark it as negative or positive. Deal with it by coming up a nice solution on it.

It is well said by Hippocrates that if someone wants good healthy first you have to check if he is ready to go away from the reasons of illness.

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Connection Between Mind and Body

You must me aware that there exist a strong connection between your mind and body. Based on the emotions the brain release the chemicals which create an environment in your body. You often have experienced that you suffer from heartburn, indigestion or constipation when you are under stress.

This is all reaction of your emotion on your body. You might be wondering why is this? You should understand that our experiences and emotions are certain forms of energies which we developed. These energies have a direct impact on our body and mind. The energies got stored in the cellular memory of the body.

Isn’t it interesting that you can actually control the state of your body. Either you can keep a positive mental status and create a healthy lifestyle or you can be negative in terms of emotions and lead to the unhealthy lifestyle.

You will be surprised to know that some of the chronic pains in your body such as knees, neck or back is actually related to your emotions. A conscious emotion and thought pattern can actually heal these issues.

So, when you fall ill it is a time when the body is asking you to get some peace of mind. The pain and tightness will vanish in no time if you build up a positive environment in your body. You always have to follow a learning and growing path instead of getting involved with judgment and fear.

Do You Have that Power?

It is well quoted in ‘The Sacred Balance’ a book by Davis Suzuki that the molecules condensed from the exhaled breath while you express your anger or jealousy consist of the toxin.

If for continuous 1 hour you have the anger emotion within you that the toxin produce is so powerful that it can kill 80 guinea pigs! See how powerful your emotions are and how much damage it can cause to your body.

The negative emotions can actually hurt your body and make you ill. The effect of negative thought is sometimes are not visible immediately but be aware that it is causing a lot of trouble to you.

Clearly if the emotions, reactions, expressions and perceptions are self-developed then defiantly you can control it. You should be aware that the pain or illness which you are causing to your body is actually under your control.

Just change the way you look at an incident and the body will respond in a different manner. This will give you strength to fight all odds and gain the desired success in life.