They Never Get Sick, They Don’t Know About Cancer and Live up to 120 years, THIS IS THEIR SECRET!

    Do you ever maintain a health diary? A journal in which you make entry of the dates when you fall sick. Well, your journal might have a lot of entries, but you will be shocked to know that Hunza people never fall ill.

    Yes, it is hard to believe but it is true that Hunza people who live in the northern region of India fall ill like almost never in their life. It is a tiny population in India which is considered as the longest living, healthiest and happiest human being on the earth.

    They come under the category of the cancer-free population as well. The entire population of Hunzas take a bath with cold water and amazingly can give birth to babies at the age of 65.

    As reported in the AMA Journal by British surgeon Dr. Robert McCarrison, “There is no incidence of cancer noted in Hunza people. Apricots are the abundant crop for these people. They use the sun dried apricots as the large part of their daily diet.”

    The diet of Hunzas is pretty amazing as they don’t eat any imported food. They grow and harvest the food which they consume. The large part of Hunza diet consists of raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, dried apricots. They also eat different types of cereals like millet, buckwheat, and barley. Legumes, milk, eggs and some cheese are also included in the diet. Hunza people do not have snacks, they eat a little and walk for all day.

    As per Hunza people tradition, they don’t eat anything for the duration of 2-4 months. During this period they only consume juice of dried apricot. The fasting period of Hunza people is the duration when fruits are not ripe in order to harvest.

    Many medical experts have claimed that the fasting period of Hunza people is crucial, due to which they live healthy long life. It is also believed that the high consumption of apricots is the reason behind no cancer cases in Hunza people. The vitamin B-17 compound present in apricots seeds is a powerful anti-cancer agent which prevents cancer effectively.

    The popular rumours about Hunza people are that they live up to 150 years. They look younger due to their healthy diet and lifestyle. Also, it is claimed that Hunza women can give birth to a child at the age of 65.

    An interesting story was published in 1984 which has covered the incident when Said Abdul Mbundu arrived in London. He was a Hunza man who arrived in London and he submitted the papers to the security which claimed that he was born in 1832. The story has shocked many people living in West.

    From that incidence, the Hunza people become an attraction for the researcher to understand the secret of long healthy life. So, if you also want to live a healthy life then follow the Hunza people diet and stay healthy always!