This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Get Aspartame Poisoning From Diet Sodas

    Aspartame poisoning, is it a new term for you? If you never heard about it then you must know about the horrible facts of aspartame poisoning.

    It is identified or termed by many different names like NutraSweet or amino sweet. It is a kind of  artificial sweetener which has detrimental effects on human body.

    Here is a case which happened with Rhonda’s sister.

    Rhonda specifically mentioned in her blog that it was October 2001 when her sister started getting very sick. Her sister was facing a hard time to get around due to stomach spasms. For her walking was a major task. She was in so much pain that it was too difficult for her just get out of her bed.

    Till March 2002, Rhonda’s sister undergone several muscle biopsies and tissue test. And she was actually living on 24 different prescribed drugs. The doctors were not able to find out the reasons behind her illness. Doctors finally revealed that she was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis which was actually a wrong diagnosis.

    Based on the symptoms of the pain and another health condition Rhonda happens to recall the article she came across about aspartame. Thus, she immediately asked her sister that if she had drunk a diet soda. Her sister mentioned that yes, she drank a lot of diet soda.

    The reason behind the health problem was now clear to Rhonda and she suggested her sister to stop drinking the diet soda. This small advice has changed Rhonda’s sister’s life like for forever.

    Within just 32 hours after she stopped drinking diet soda she was actual could walk. The muscle spasms disappeared and she felt a bit better. It took the time to her to fully recover, but it was easy as the issue creating diet soda was eliminated from her diet.

    The common symptoms of aspartame poisoning include decreased vision, headaches, dizziness and elevated blood pressure.

    The best way to prevent aspartame poisoning is to say NO to foods which contain this artificial sweetener. Add many homemade foods, fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet to remain healthy always.