This Is Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick You!

It is always said that ‘dog’ is the most loving and dedicated pet for human beings. Dogs act as a life time companions and make you home more fun. They provide unconditional love to you and your family members.

A recent research has proved that the people who own a dog as a pet have less stress and anxiety. The lively nature of dog keep depression away and try to keep you happy all the time.

You for sure share a lot of affection with your dog. But it can have an impact on your health. Let’s check out different aspects of this topic.

Dog Saliva

It is often observed that dogs display their affection by licking your body. Many people think that dog’s saliva is healing in nature which is a myth.

Dogs have high sense of smell and thus they take follow up of every place which smells yucky. In this course of investigation dog’s tends to stick their mouths and noses in all kinds of places like garbage, waste products, their own bodies, other peoples body and many more.

Dog’s immune system is different than the human immune system. So, dog’s are more bacterial resistant.

Although they get in touch with all kind of infection they don’t fall sick easily. Whereas through the dog’s saliva, these infection can pass on to us and we will not be able to handle it well. Thus, you can fall sick due to infection pass on by your dog’s  saliva.

Direct mouth-to-mouth contact with your dog isn’t good for either of you.

Another big concern when you get mouth to mouth contact with your dog, some parasitic bacteria can make a way to your body.

Capnocytophaga canimorsus is a typical bacterium found in the spit of cat and dog. When it gets inside a man, it can bring about extreme contamination conceivably prompting sepsis, meningitis, and gangrene. Try not to give Rex a chance to lick the cut on your finger or you may need to have it cut off.

Ringworm is a growth known for its round patches that emit on the skin. It’s regularly passed from your sweet doggie to you. Irritated and textured, it will spread if not treated. You can dispose of it by applying garlic or coconut water specifically to the skin.