Tropical Extract Kills 80 Percent of Breast Cancer Cells!

    The medical research and folk remedy are the first time came together to provide a mind-blowing solution on breast cancer. When it comes to cancer, we assume that it is incurable disease and even if some treatments are available it is highly expensive to treat cancer.

    The chances of curing cancer are considered as very low and the pain which one has to bear while going through chemotherapy is quite high. Thus, many people equate cancer to death. Well, not anymore a very useful study done by Dr. Ratna Ray, a professor of pathology at St. Louis University has come up with a new light of treatment for breast cancer.

    She has recently published her study in journal Cancer Research which provides that a vegetable is capable of destroying the cancer cell. It prevents the growth and spread of cancer cell in the body. The results of this study were encouraging and significantly indicate the way to treat cancer using this valuable vegetable.

    Two Percent Concentration Kills Cancer Cells

    The incredible vegetable which has a potential to kill cancer cells is bitter melon. Like its name, the natural product is surely intense, yet at the same time consumable.

    In her study, Dr. Ray connected a two percent severe melon concentrate to breast tumor cells. She found this was the base sum expected to slaughter a noteworthy number of breast disease cells. The truth is told, at that fixation, the concentrate slaughtered 80 percent of breast tumor cells.

    Assist investigate distributed in the diary Anticancer Research offers more knowledge into how astringent melon may function. It assaults the HER2 quality that makes breast disease forceful. When it impacts the quality the tumor cannot develop anymore.

    Dr. Ray anticipates testing her concentrate on creatures next. On the off chance that those outcomes are certain, she’ll move to human trials.

    “There have been noteworthy advances in breast tumor treatment,” she says. “In any case, ladies keep on dying of the infection and new treatment methodologies are basic.”

    Where to Find Bitter Melon

    You can get biting melon as a supplement in a tablet. There is no specialist prescribed measurement as of now. Nonetheless, makers of the supplement suggest 500 mg for each day.

    You can likewise buy severe melon crude at Asian supermarkets. Specialists say you can eat one little crude melon for each day to see indistinguishable advantages from a supplement. Bitter melon offers an extra medical advantage. It has additionally been appeared to bring down your glucose levels.

    The organic product is, for the most part, viewed as sheltered. In creature ponders, the main unfriendly response was hypoglycemia. That happens when glucose levels fall too low. So be particularly cautious in case you’re on diabetic drugs. Try to consume the bitter melon to cure as well as prevent breast cancer naturally!