The Place Of The Pain Detects The Type Of Headache, The Cause And Permanent Solution!

The pain caused due to a headache can sometimes squeeze out entire energy from your body. It is often painful experience which has even ruined your important meeting in the office or made you not to participate in the gathering of your loved ones.

You might have observed that we go for similar kind of medicine to cure all type of headaches. Yes, there exist different types of a headache and which are initiated due to different reasons. Thus, it is important to first identify the type of a headache and then treat it with relevant remedies.

The pain due to a headache is concentrated at one particular place rather than spread across the head area. It depends on the how and where a headache occurs to decide how serious health issues it is. It can indicate tumour of the brain or high blood pressure or may be sleep apnea. A headache can occur due to digestion issues, mood swing or many times due to change in vision.

Check out the different location of pain which you can experience during a headache-

  1. It affects one-half of the head

A headache in half side of the head is certainly due to a migraine. You don’t have to panic about it because it is not tough but it is quite painful as it last for 72 hours. A headache is in a pulsating form as it varies from moderate to severe.

Sometimes other symptoms like nausea and sensitivity to noise and light also observed along with pain in half head. You should take the painkiller immediately once you observed the first symptoms. Make sure you stay in the dark room for a while and take rest to get relief from a headache.

  1. As if someone is pressing your head with vise

This is a result of high stress. You might be thinking a lot on some topic or worried due to some incident. This kind of a headache disappears gradually and get low over a period of time. Take rest and get sufficient sleep to get over this headache. The medication is not required in this case, you just have to feel relaxed for a while and push your worries away.

  1. Pain in one side of the face, swelling onto the eyelids

This is a headache with long cycle and may last from two weeks to one month. It generally occurs in a definitely period of years. The duration of pain is also same in the day or night for half an hour to 3 hours. You can take advice from your doctor regarding this headache as proper treatment is required in this case.

  1. Pain in the forehead

The pain in the forehead is a result of inflamed sinuses. The irritation in the respiratory track is also observed during this headache. Many people feel pain in the cheekbones as well as along with the pain in forehead. It has a simple solution you can take hot water in a bowl and inhale the steam. A shower with warm water is also a solution on this issue which will provide instant relief from a headache.

  1. Pain in the back of your head (in the neck area)

Spine or neck problem are causes of pain in the back of your head. Due to long sitting or continuous physical work you can get this kind of a headache. Just stretch your body a little and get some fresh air. An evening walk or morning walk can be a solution of a frequent headache in the back side of your head.

So, these are the different types of a headache which one can observe. Any pain in head other than these types can be a serious health issue and should be treated immediately. You should maintain a diary of a headache and other health issues to check out the frequency of a headache and the health problems associated with the pain.

The diary will help you to self-recognize the severity of a headache and if it is coming back frequently and remaining for a long time then it is sure that you need a medical intervention. You can share the observation written in your diary with your doctor as it will help to get the quick diagnosis of the issue.

Many times a headache is a result of dehydration. So, you can drink a lot of water and check if you get some relief from the pain. Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty amount of fluid in an entire day to remain healthy.