Do You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time? This Is What It Means

Do you know our body has a biological clock? It is true, the body functions according to its own clock. It is not a surprise that you woke up without any alarm clock if you provide such instruction to your body.

However, waking up at night suddenly is not a sign of good health condition. As per Chinese medicine, a human body has dedicated different time zone for different organs and energy in the 24-hours cycle.

So, if you observe that you wake up every night at the same time then it is an indication of obstruction in your energy. It can be a form of imbalance in physical or spiritual energy level which has disrupted your body.

Here is a list which provides information about the link between your wake-up time and the body organs which might is obstructed. This will help you to discover the reasons behind the disturbed sleep and things you can do to avoid this in future.

9 pm To 11 pm

During this time zone, the endocrine system in our is responsible for restoring the balance and refilling the enzymes in out body.

The endocrine system is responsible for hormones and metabolism in our body. If you wake up during this time or find it difficult to fall asleep during this time then it is might be due to a heavy meal, poor diet, anxiety or worries due to the events happened in the day and you are excessively thinking about the next day.

11 pm To 1 am

Yang conversation by yin energy took place during this time zone. If you regularly wake up during this time duration then it is might be due to a stuck resentment.

You have to be positive, calm, full of love when yang energy is very active. This will help you to solve the problem next day. Waking up at this duration is a result of the inability of your gallbladder to break down the consumed unhealthy fats.

1 am To 3 am

The body carries out detoxification during this time and renews the body. The liver releases the accumulated toxins and purifies the blood to make it clean and fresh. Frustration, anger, and issues in the functions of the liver are the common reasons which disrupt your sleep during this time zone.

3 am To 5 am

The lungs are the most active organs during 3 am to 5 am time zone. It repairs the body and floods it with oxygen. The body should be warm enough to speed up this function of the liver.

Due to sadness, grief or due to some spiritual aspects you suddenly wake up during this time. Some breathing techniques can help you to get rid of this issue. This can be also a sign that you feel cold during the morning, due to increase in vibration level in the body or sensitivity to unusual sounds, appetite changes or lucid dreaming also leads to disturbed sleep during this time of early morning.

5 am To 7 am

During this time the large intestine is extremely active. It breaks down the toxins in the body and removes it from your body. If you wake up during 5 am to 7 am then it can be due to poor nutrition or eating too late.

So, now you are aware that there is a specific reason behind your disturbed sleep. All you have to do is take care of the issues which are disrupting your sleep in different time zone. This will help you to get sound sleep every night and you will wake up feeling more energetic.