WARNING: If You Eat This For Breakfast It May Be Killing You

A fast moving life has made us look for quick food option. We don’t have time to cook and eat breakfast, so it always convenient to use breakfast option which gets ready quickly. One of such popular breakfast option is Oats.

If you ever had oats in breakfast then you must me aware of the brand of cereal Quaker Oats. You will be shocked to know that a lawsuit is instituted on cereal Quaker Oats by a Brooklyn, New York lawyer claiming that this product is extremely harmful to health.

Lewis Daly the New York lawyer stated that Quaker Oats consist of glyphosate which is a highly carcinogenic compound and classified as harmful for human consumption. 

There are traces of glyphosate in Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute brand which was declared after certain lab tests of some samples.

Daly recorded a legal claim in the Federal District Courts of both California and New York, looking for a full revelation by the organization of its utilization of glyphosate in its oats and in addition making full customer discounts.

The organization is accepted to market its items as totally characteristic and this has angered Daly and buyers alike as it is a false and deluding type of publicizing. This compound – glyphosate is an herbicide, for the most part, utilized as a part of the wiping out of weeds regularly a noteworthy fixing in weed treatment items, for example, Ortho, and Roundup.

The contention of Daly is that the organization ought not to deceive customers who truly need 100% characteristic oats into believing that their cereal items are totally common.

In any case, PepsiCo the proprietors of the Quaker Oats brand demand that their items all go through totally common procedures which incorporate a cleaning procedure that disposes of huge amounts of the herbicide.

Further testing uncovered that Quaker Oats really includes glyphosate which is around 4% of the allowable level thus the cereal is underneath the base level endorsed by the EPA.

So, be careful when you draft your daily breakfast because things which actually look healthy are causing more harm to our health.