Eliminate All Poisons In The Organism In 48 Hours – A Weekend Detoxification Plan

Lack of energy, dry skin or dark circle if you are suffering from any of this issue then be sure that your body is full of toxin. The substance which are harmful to your body and must be eliminated instantly.

If you have a body condition where a lot of toxin is accumulated then you are more prone to infection like cold, flu etc. This is a time when your body needs detoxification process on priority.

You can do the detoxification process anytime. How about this weekend? It is a very simple detoxification process which needs only 2 days to clear the toxin from your body.

The five main body parts ie liver, kidney, lungs, intestine and lymph are cleansed using the detoxification to provide you a clean and clear body.

The main theory behind detoxification is the elimination of toxin from the body. For that, you have to eat low-fat foods, sweets, potatoes and drink a lot of juices and water.

You can do this process in just 2 days and get excellent results. For desired result, you can also start drinking dandelion and brich tea.

Follow regular exercise along with walking, swimming or go to the gym to keep your body flexible and fit.

Detoxification Plan for Weekend

Consume warm water around 8.4 oz every day in the morning just after you wake up.


For Breakfast: You can have 8.4 oz of plain water. 1 hour later a cup of oats along with 1 tsp of linseed. Consume green tea, or diet yogurt or 6.7 oz of almond milk. Also, have ½ cup of blueberry fruit.

For Lunch: You can have 8.4 oz of plain water in your lunch. Have 2 cups of salad which includes tomatoes, green vegetables, and arugula, add some lemon juice to it. A small banana or a slice of melon. Also, prepare in olive oil have some swiss chard with potatoes and grilled hake (250 g).

For snack: An apple, a ¼ cup of pumpkin seed, 6 oz of ordinary yogurt, 8.4 oz of water.

For Dinner: A piece of tuna grilled on a barbecue,  2 cups of green salad with olive oil, a ½ cup of steamed vegetable, an integral pastry in a small amount, 250 ml of plain water and anise tea.


For Breakfast: 1 cup of oat flakes with 1 tsp of linseed, diet yogurt or 200 ml of almond milk, green tea along with pear.

For snack: Have a grapefruit

For Lunch: 200g of chicken breasts prepared on a barbecue, vegetable soup, pickle (small), 250 ml of plain water.

For Dinner: Have beet and carrot with lemon juice, a small integral pastry and nettle tea.