When He Got Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Suggested That He Try THIS and It Worked!

    You might think it is impossible to treat the dangerous disease like cancer using baking powder or baking soda. We often get the information that chemotherapy and medication can only save you from cancer. But when it comes to stage 4 of cancer then no one can save you.

    However, here is a story of  Vernon Johnston, who actually  used baking soda and molasses to recover from stage 4 prostate cancer. The cancer was spread very badly in his body and even metastasized into his bone matter.

    His Son’s Advice

    It was quite an emotional moment when Vernon diagnosed cancer. The family was under shocked and knew nothing about how to deal with the situation. Vernon’s son took the hold of the situation and collected the information. He said we have to work on raising the pH in the body as cancer cell can not thrive in alkaline or high pH.

    Eventually, Vernon met larry who suggested using cesium chloride to raise physiologically pH levels into a high alkaline level. Vernon did not go for any orthodox treatment after he was diagnosed. It made sure that the alternative therapy would be more effective. He ordered cesium to begin the treatment but, unfortunately, he lost it in the mail. So, he was looking for another source which can help him to raise the pH level in the alkaline range.

    Soon he discovered the remedy of baking powder with maple syrup. He searched in the kitchen bout maple syrup was not available so he decided to use molasses. He was so anxious to kill cancer before it will kill him.

    Vernon’s Miraculous Results

    Vernon recorded his day by day treatment in a journal. His self-connected treatment was the last period of what he called his “hit the dance floor with tumor”. The convention he utilized incorporated a decent eating regimen to advance alkalinity alongside mineral and vitamin supplements, and heaps of daylight.

    Vernon likewise working on breathing activities to help the expanded oxygenation started by the sudden pH ascend from sodium bicarbonate. Anaerobic disease cells can’t endure oxygen.

    Growth cells supposedly flourish with aging sugar as opposed to respiration oxygen for their survival. Maple syrup acts like a Trojan steed to permit high pH bicarbonate of pop to enter disease cells and stun them with a sudden surge of alkalinity to oxygenate them and lead to their end.

    Molasses was all Vernon could utilize, however, it worked and really ended up making a more strong mineral base for his dietary backing. Most specialists suggest more than one convention if one is doing only it at home. Remember that part of any option disease treatment includes forbearance from processed food and sugar which particularly fuel tumor development.

    Following a couple of weeks, Vernon got a therapeutic examination that affirmed his complete inversion of prostate and bone disease. His 2008 story was composed up of a nearby Anza zone California daily paper, The Valley News in 2009. What’s more, yes, Vernon is as yet telling his story today.

    This amazing alternative cancer solution can actually save 100 lives. But the medical monopoly does not allow the inexpensive medical treatment to get in action. This is the most useful and non-toxic remedy which has no side effects. Pass on this story with your loved ones and save their life from cancer.