Which is a Healthier Way to Pee For Men? Standing or Sitting?

It has always been an issue to decide upon the confusing fact whether it is good for men to pee by standing or by sitting. While the anatomic aspect visualizes men to pee by standing, from a health point of view, peeing by in a sitting position has always been supported.

Around 30% men in Japan pee by sitting. Also, in other nations too, this practice is hugely followed in the name of religion or tradition. But what strikes us now is the benefits that it brings in terms of health and hygiene.

Following are the causes which explain the benefits of peeing in a seated posture for men

Reduction of odor spread:

When urination is done by standing that might lead to the spattering of urine. This would lead to the spread of odor in public places. So, peeing by sitting is considered good in a public health perspective.

Fewer germs spread:

This is another easily understandable phenomenon. When peeing is done from a smaller height, the scope for puddle formation gets lessened. And so does the breeding of infectious germs and other similar microbial organisms.

Lessened Susceptibility to diseases:

Enormous studies have proved that men who pee by choosing the seated position have reduced their vulnerability of being prone to diseases like those of prostate cancer, LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms), etc.

Increased Betterment of Sexual Life:

When you pee by sitting down, it causes the whole emptying of urine from the bladder. This greatly enhances sexual life and activity.

So, the above are the crisp anecdotes which would help you out in your decision making with this regard. Therefore, go with these and escalate your way of living. Keep us posted with your experiences.