Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby On The Lips

Parenthood is the hardest but the beautiful phase of everybody’s life. Once you get a little bundle of joy at your home, all you do is to help your baby grow better. You want to protect it from infections and allergies. Thus, you take necessary action to protect your baby.

Many people claim that mothers become overprotective towards their baby. For example, people think they are visiting you and your newborn baby even if their children have a cold. Some feel it is no big deal to if a kid is suffering from cold, he still can play in the park. And some people might bring along their kids suffering from gastro to your home on a dinner date.

In such cases, all you can do is to keep your baby away from people who does not care about the health issues. People who carry their germ spreading children everywhere should be kept away from the newborn baby.

It is a simple rule that if your children are sick, you should keep them at home. Don’t send them to park and please don’t kiss or cuddle the newborn. The new moms often run to doctors for any simple issue with the newborn baby. Also, sometimes feel helpless that they just can’t keep the baby in a germ-free and safe bubble.

Well, that is a reality and mother has to deal with it. But some of the horror stories create fear in our mind. Claire Henderson from the UK shared the story of her newborn baby girl Brooke. Somebody kissed the baby on the mouth which lead to the development of herpes virus on her chin, lip, and cheek. She spent 5 days in the hospital.

She was lucky that her baby survived from the infection. But this virus can be fatal for babies under 3 months of age. This fact has proven in the case registered in Queensland. Unfortunately, a newborn baby Eloise Lampton got affected by the virus and she couldn’t survive.

Claire Henderson was terrified of what happened to her daughter and thus, she passed on the message on social media that  “The moral of the story is DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborn’s mouth, even if they don’t look like they have a cold sore”

Some might think after reading these story why on the earth one would want to visit a little, helpless, unimmunised and defenseless newborn if you are suffering from a cold sore. Also in this situation why you would kiss her that too on lips. There is no excuse for it.

Children are unimmunised for six weeks against the vast majority of the germs that the older bear each day. A runny nose or a sore throat may appear to you safe, however to that infant and to that infant’s family could mean the contrast amongst life and passing. So please regard a tyke’s entitlement to great wellbeing.

Everybody with an infant ought to be happy with saying that you can visit their a great many babies’ six-week shots, rather than obligingly consent to give them a chance to visit and afterward manage the results which can be lethal.

We have to quit looking the guardians who wrap their kids in a cotton fleece as an overprotective and jumpy guardians, rather we ought to comprehend that that is the correct thing to do.

Nobody ought to make you feel regretful for communicating alert and for giving your infant the most obvious opportunity to carry on with a solid life, actually, it is your obligation.

So no, don’t desire visit if your children are not inoculated, don’t let debilitated youngsters close to your infant and in particular, don’t give anybody a chance to kiss your infant on the lips.

You basically can’t bear the cost of being neighborly when your infant’s life is in danger. So, for the mothers of a newborn this is not the time of being friendly, just provide a strict instruction that one should not kiss the baby.

People might like you less but at least you can save a life of your newborn. Can say this is one of the sacrifices you should make to keep your baby healthy.